Oceanic, underwater and wild photography
by Jeremy Somerville
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    Launching the Oceanity Phvlog (Photography Vlog)

    Article - Posted on 2nd Jan 2017

    Today marks the launch of a new phase of my content production. For a while now I have been interested in getting a vlog off the ground. In particular, I've been interested in producing a recurring photography vlog (I'm calling it a phvlog). Basically the idea is it will follow my photography adventures around the place and give a little bit of an insight into how I operate as a photographer.

    Most photographers are solitary workers. They will get up in the middle of the night, they have to carry around lots of gear and they often do it in pretty adverse conditions. Due to this isolation, many of the techniques that are used in photography aren't shared all that often, or if they are, then they are shared without context which in photography is almost as bad.

    For example, many budding photographers will understand how to take a long exposure photograph but will lack the experience to know when, how or why to pull that particular trick out of the bag. A professional photographer (something that I do not claim to be) generally choose their camera settings with deliberate purpose but that purpose might not be immediately obvious to those who are trying to get into photography. The advantage of the phvlog is that anyone can see the thought process that goes into every photo. I think it's illuminating to see how other photographers work and I think I can offer something unique as an Aussie ocean, landscape and underwater photographer.

    I have produced this first phvlog here as a little bit of a test. I've certainly learned a lot already in the production of this first one and there are many things that I'll definitely want to improve moving forwards. Hopefully the phvlog will be a great way for me to share the things I have learnt and also a great way to meet other like-minded people. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on the format, what you think of the idea and anything you can think of that would improve it.

    In terms of video in general, it is a core part of what I want to be taking Oceanity in the future. In addition to the phvlog I want to be producing more how-to, tips/tricks, reviews and those kind of videos and it's something that I'll be focussing on a lot more in the months to come.

    Sharpes Beach - Phvlog #001

    For my first phvlog I went to one of my favourite littles spots just around the headland from Sharpes Beach, Ballina. It's a little bit of a scramble over the rocks for a short distance but it's a rewarding location when you make it there.

    My mic didn't come with the clip I needed so a little last-minute DIY and the problem was solved.

    The clip for my microphone wasn't in the box when I bought it. I'm currently in the process of getting that sorted but for the meantime, this handy clothes peg does the trick. It's not pretty, but it does the job.


    I filmed this phvlog just days after I got my drone delivered. This thing is seriously amazing. It's so small! I literally just chuck it in my camera bag and I can take it with me anywhere.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy watching! Cheers everyone and have a happy new year!

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