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    Ocean + Landscape + Wild
    Photography videos, tutorials and reviews
    Beginning Ocean, Surf and Water Photography
    How-to guide

    The ultimate beginners handbook to water photography, this guide goes over the many common roadblocks to taking up ocean, surf and water photography. Inside this guide you'll find info on gear, setup, shooting and editing complete with pro interviews, diagrams, images and more. If you're interested in water photography and keen to learn, this is the book for you.

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    What is Oceanity?

    When I first got into water photography, I found the learning curve particularly difficult (and still do). It's challenging, but it's harder than it needs to be. The information I needed just wasn't out there. It took weeks, months, even years to work things out that should have been as simple as a Google search. Oceanity is my response to that difficulty.

    I have a passion for water photography and I want share the things I've learned with other like-minded people. This is my attempt to make those things as accessible as possible. I'm not the cleverest, or the most skilled but with any luck you still find some inspiration here.

    - Jeremy Somerville