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    the quality or state of being oceanic.

    Ocean & Wild Photography

    The ocean is always in flux. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm. It is deep, dark and mysterious and virtually unexplored. Everything about it fascinates me. From the creatures that call it home to the interplay between light and water. The ocean is life.

    Oceanity aims to preserve and protect the ocean by making it more accessible. I want people to experience the ocean the same way that I do, to see it the way that I do. Photography is a perfect way to do just that.

    Beginning Ocean, Surf and Water Photography
    How-to guide

    The ultimate beginners handbook to water photography, this guide goes over the many common roadblocks to taking up ocean, surf and water photography. Inside this guide you'll find info on gear, setup, shooting and editing complete with pro interviews, diagrams, images and more. If you're interested in water photography and keen to learn, this is the book for you.

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