My name is Jeremy Somerville and I am an ocean and underwater photographer based on the east coast of Australia. I have a real passion for the ocean and I look to showcase that through my photography. I worked on a tiny island on the Great Barrier Reef for a number of years, swimming and snorkelling practically everyday. Now back on the mainland, I look for the opportunities in my own backyard. I'm a creative and a digital jack-of-all-trades. I simply love creating.

I bought my first camera at the age of seven. It was a simple film camera and I enjoyed using it immensely. My photographic journey really only began in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR camera. I've been slowly learning and progressing since then.

Underwater Jeremy or Christmas Jeremy?


Humankind has a natural affinity with the ocean. A forever morphing environment, it presents unlimited beauty. A shifting kaleidoscope of aquas and capable of both immense fury and meditative calm. Weird and wonderful creatures roam it's depths. Perfect through it's own imperfection, the sea simply has no equal.

For a photographer, the ocean is the greatest subject of all. The word Oceanity is used to describe how oceanic something is, how influenced or controlled by the ocean. For me, it is a fitting word to apply to ocean photography.

Stay salty out there.

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